• r to start/reset
  • up/w to move up (or visit the tent when adjacent)
  • down/s to move down
  • left/space/a to shoot
  • p to pause

Western Crossing is a submission for the Game Off 2017 game jam, with the throwback theme

Western Crossing is inspired by the Game & Watch (by Nintendo) handheld electronic game (80's 90's) for the layout and controls, and by The Oregon Trail game (MECC 1974) for the story and game-play.

In Western Crossing you control a wagon pulled by oxen in your journey to cross the dangerous desert. Beware of stones which will break your wheels and of venomous snakes which can bite and kill your oxen. A wagon with a broken wheel has limited steering, so avoiding stones should be your priority. Also, you can shoot the snakes, but do not exhaust all your ammo too early!

If you are lucky enough to come by a tent, you can get some help from the local Chief. The Chief will fix your wagon's wheel, if broken, provide one oxen, if you do not already own four , or give you five bullets.


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